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হোমপেজ বর্তমান সংখ্যা পুরনো সংখ্যা
Advertisement policy

Advertisement Policy and Rates for Online PORSHI

                                                      1 month           3 months         6 months         12 months

Bronze (1 insertion) :                 $50.00             $125.00           $200.00           $300.00

Silver   (5 insertions) :               $75.00             $200.00           $300.00           $450.00

Gold(Silver+Shuchi page)       $100.00           $250.00           $400.00           $600.00

Every advertisement will have a side bar insertion “thumbnail size” (as it appears currently). Clicking on the thumbnail will take to the full-page content of the advertisement.

The advertiser is responsible for providing the uploadable full-page content. Porshi will create the thumbnail version based on the full-page content.

The payment is due (in full) before the first month’s upload. Uploading will be done on the first day of the month of the Bangla calendar (usually the 15th of every month of the English calendar).

For multi-month contracts, the advertiser can update the content, at most, once a month. In this case, the advertiser will be responsible for providing the updated content on a timely manner.

Various categories :

Bronze : In addition to the side bar insertion (described above), the thumbnail will be inserted in ONE key article (probably one article in the cover story or political column). Clicking on the thumbnail from the article will bring to the full page advertisement.

Silver : Similar to bronze. The thumbnail will appear in FIVE different articles. The list of five articles will be decided in discussion with the advertiser.

Gold : Similar to silver, PLUS, the full page advertisement will appear in the shuchipotro (content) page for 10 seconds and then disappear. The reader will have the option to close the advertisement in the shuchipotro page before the time limit is over.


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