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Porshi is a Bangla monthly publication based in Silicon Valley, California. The target readership is the Bangla speaking population around the world with initial focus in North America. Both the content and format follow the style of a magazine. The objective of Porshi is to create a bridge amongst the Bangla speaking communities spread around the world utilizing the common bond of Bangla language and culture. By publishing articles from writers in North America, Bangladesh and the rest of the world on issues touching the socio-cultural lives of Bangla speaking population, Porshi hopes to create bondage amongst these people. The publication will include articles on contemporary issues (important to Bangla speaking people), art & entertainment, culture, tourism, immigration, sports, evolving technologies, technology transfer, reports on events of Bangla speaking communities in different parts of North America, short stories, poems, discussions, etc.

The Porshi Team
The following document lists the members:
Porshi team
Jogajog International
05 May, 2008
Code of Conduct

The Porshi Team has developed a Code of Conduct outlining the roles and responsibilities of every team member. Execution of this transparent month-to-month operation policy will ensure the publication of a quality Bangla magazine from North America with an empowered sense of ownership and leadership by each team member for specific tasks.

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